See me Feel me Touch me Heal me & Hear me

emotional closeness mediated by the way of hearing - from information- to communication systems


Corona made us feel loneliness, loss of emotional closeness despite the mediated information about it. The New Digital Deal: Let us become together through the paradigm of hearing sound - the sound of breathing of bodily life as an artefact of excitement, being moved and its medial extensions in amplifying sound and light. I feel you through hearing - you feel me through hearing - we feel each other through the extension of our bodies regardless of their distance. Maybe a division of society can be reduced, even prevented, in this way. The project is epistemological media art: understanding is expanded through experience as a method of cognition.

Project concept / Sound / Video: Werner Jauk
Design of lightening garment: Hana Zeqa & Elisabeth Mirnig
Interface-techs / lightening garment: Laura Thaçi
Video editing: Elisa Visca
Performer: Barbara Haspl, Elisa Visca