Organic: Extimorph(video)2018/19

Organic Extimorph is an imaginative interpretation and external expansion of Stress and Anxiety. The caged shape manifests the suffocating experience during the progression of negative emotions. Movements initiated with the use of technology serve as outer signal of internal organic process.

Controlled via bluetooth, these movements are triggered on shoulder, spine, back, chest and the lower part of the body, where the reaction of stress stimuli is recognized.

The project was supported by the EU project Culture for Change.

Following the body map of emotions, the design was focused in the main parts of the body where we feel stress and anxiety the most, in the chest. As normally body reacts through heavy breathing, the idea was to create a rib cage which expands and overtakes our body, With programmed motors, all the strips start shaking and raise up to create a trap, acting as the stress and anxiety itself. The frontal part of the vest, imitates the internal part of the stomach, where the motors enable the look of imaginative blood-flow and heart-beat.

In a performative context, the garment is seen as the burden and struggle which hypothetically is presented as the negative feeling captivating the body.