• CHANGE • alteration • modification •
In the future, clothes can be altered and changed based on different occasion or mood. This might help us on the use of multifunctional clothes so we don’t have to buy 3 pairs of shirts to decide which are we wearing at the certain occasion. What if you can control which color you want on you?
The Change garment uses threads to mechanically change the side of the colored fabric. In the future, self transforming textile can use bluetooth or phone app to do that automatically whenever we need.
Design: Hana Zeqa
Tech and programming: Laura Thaçi & Veton Bytyçi
Art Director: Vesa Salihu
Camera and light: Rron Ismajli
Editing: Ivona Morina
Sound: Zgjim Elshani
Camera assistant: Flamur Ahmeti; Arber Maloku
Model: Ardita Rafuna
Make up: Gent Muhaxheri
Special thanks to: Blerta Limani and Isra Celina
Supported and made possible by: @ickosovo