• T R A N S F O R M A T I O N is growth. It is a process.


This Transformation prototype garment looks playful, but in the future can help in creating two items out of one - reducing the amount of items we buy and keep in the closet. With motor sensors integrated and programmed to pull the fabric, the dress changes the shape to demonstrate the potential of future garments, that will be able to do different functions, when the right smart textile comes in place and practical electronics become body friendly.


Design: Hana Zeqa

Tech and programming: Laura Thaçi & Veton Bytyçi

Art Director: Vesa Salihu

Camera and light: Rron Ismajli

Editing: Ivona Morina

Sound: Zgjim Elshani

Camera assistant: Flamur Ahmeti; Arber Maloku

Model: Ardita Rafuna

Make up: Gent Muhaxheri


Special thanks to: Blerta Limani and Isra Celina


Supported and made possible by: @ickosovo